The Heartbeat of my Amplitude Modulated Station

The Mauldulator is the heart of the station. It allows the bandwidth of audio determined by the processor to pass through. It creates the asymmetry, and the tube emulation. The Mauldulator also sets the carrier set point. It runs on +/- 15 Volts and 24 Volts DC. The Mauldulator can be installed on any 12 Volt Class C driver and final amplifier setup.
If the final amplifier is a small Mosfet, the driver is not required. It is advised that an oscilloscope be used to set the levels. The oscilloscope and its roll in setting up the Mauldulator and cascaded amplifiers will be covered in a seperate section where amplifiers, headroom, and gain. will be discussed. Tuning a very small amplifier to the amateur radio bands is relatively simple. This signal may then be amplified to the legal limit. It is important to think of things from here on out in terms of dynamic headroom.